Soapstone... Nature's best gift to your home

Over the past several years there has been a growing awareness of environmental concerns in the mind of the discerning home owner. Each day we make choices that can have positive or negative effects on the environment.

Although there is no countertop product on the market that fits every requirement of the Green Movement, Soapstone is considered to be the product of choice by designers and builders who consider the environment when making these decisions. As a homeowner who has made the choice to invest in soapstone, you can feel good about your contribution to this cause.

Here are a few facts to consider.

1. Soapstone is recyclable! This doesn't mean that soapstone is crushed and reformed(man could never match what natural creation has produced) but it does mean that pieces of soapstone that are being replaced or removed from old buildings can be reused with simple restoration.

2. There are no harsh chemicals or sealers used on soapstone. The only thing necessary to care for soapstone is natural mineral oil.

3. Soapstone is a 100% natural product. There is nothing done to the stone to make it beautiful, it is beautiful all on it's own. Soapstone is quarried and delivered in it's natural state.

4. Soapstone absorbs and retains heat making it an extremely energy efficient product for sinks, wood stoves and fireplaces.

5. Soapstone will NOT wear out. Your investment will last for generations.

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