Soapstone... Nature's best gift to your home


Green Mountain Soapstone from Brazil

Green Mountain Soapstone is an industry leading supplier of the highest quality soapstone available for residential and commercial use. Their exceptional standards for quality control and their environmental conscience make them the first choice when choosing stone for your home or project. With Green Mountain Soapstone you can be sure that you are receiving the best soapstone available. When untreated, this soapstone is a light charcoal grey with fine lines. Its compatible nature makes it an excellent choice to go with a variety of themed kitchen designs and colour palettes. Treated with mineral oil or soapstone enhancer (developed by Green Mountain), this soapstone transforms to a lustrous dark charcoal with a hint of green and white subtleties. Its durable surface will stand the test of time for generations to come. For more info. on Green Mountain Soapstone visit: www.greenmountainsoapstone.com


Soapstone Bricks

Soapstone Bricks are a fantastic choice for fireplace surrounds and architectural features anyplace in your home. Their versatility is unmatched. They can also be used for many exterior applications.


Soapstone Sinks

A Soapstone sink is the perfect way to finish your dream kitchen or vanity. One of the great advantages of soapstone sinks is that you can be part of the design process and build the perfect sink to fit your needs. For your kitchen we can build any size of slab sink with any bowl configuration needed to accommodate the daily tasks of cleaning. For your vanity, we offer single solid block carved bowls. If you are interested in finding out more about soapstone sinks please contact us through the contact page.


Soapstone Showers

Soapstone shower floors and tiles are fast becoming the choice of preference when ultimate luxury is required. Each shower floor goes through custom fabrication to fit the exact desires of the homeowner. When partnered with soapstone wall tile your shower will become your favorite room in your home.


Brazilian Soapstone Tile

We currently offer 12 x 12 x 1/2 and 12 x 18 x 5/8 inch soapstone tiles. These can be used to create the ultimate mosaic or backsplash, or layed on the floor to become a beautiful foundation for any room. Soapstone tile gives your floor a luxurious feel and the heat retention properties of soapstone multiply the efficiency of in-floor heating. Soapstone tile is also used extensively in showers for shower floors, walls and ceilings.


Custom Soapstone Tables

We can build any type of coffee table, end table or feature furniture piece you desire. Either bring us a photo of an idea or a rough sketch and we will work with you to create the ideal piece for your needs. We also have designs exclusive to Soapstone Creations that you can choose from.


Full slabs

We carry a large number of full slabs available for sale to stone fabricators. Our slabs range in size from 50" x 99" to 55" x 110". We will also sell half slabs. Contact us for more info. and pricing.


Green Mountain Soapstone Enhancer

This enhancer is used if a person does not want to go through the process of oiling their countertops with mineral oil. Normally, two applications in the first day or two will be all the treatment that is needed. Using the enhancer will give a different final result than using mineral oil.

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