Soapstone... Nature's best gift to your home

Choosing Soapstone gives you the ability to create the living spaces in your home that you have always dreamed of. Remember, if you choose Soapstone for your home each piece will be one of a kind!

The following are a few of the notable benefits of Soapstone.


Soapstone is 100% non-porous! What this means is that you cannot stain your countertops. Red wine, cherries, espresso, products that can traditionally stain a manufactured stone countertop such as granite, marble or sandstone will not penetrate the surface of your soapstone.

Unlike Soapstone, Granite, Marble, Quartz and Sandstone have to be repeatedly sealed to prevent staining from a variety of liquids. Because of this amazing quality of Soapstone, chemistry labs have been using soapstone since the 19th century.


Soapstone is 100% heat friendly! Unlike other countertop choices, you can place a red hot pan or dish directly on your Soapstone countertop without worry of damaging your counter top. If you choose to invest in a Soapstone sink or bath you will be amazed how the stone absorbs the warmth of the water and keeps the water warm longer.


Another advantage of Soapstone to be considered is that because this is a nonporous stone it will not absorb bacteria! No bacteria will means a safer, healthier kitchen environment for you and your children.


It must be admitted that accidents do happen and at some point you may scratch your countertop. Don't be worried though, one of the greatest advantages of soapstone is that it is easily maintained and repaired. For more information please see the FAQ section.


All Soapstone is 100% Natural. When you choose Soapstone you can be assured that there are no harsh chemicals or sealers being introduced into your home environment. To learn more about how using soapstone helps make your home GREEN FRIENDLY visit our NATURALLY GREEN page.

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